An entirely new kind of plant-based material

MIRUM® is produced by Natural Fiber Welding, a company that is dedicated to shifting the materials industry from petroleum addiction and linear life-cycles to plant-based inputs and inherent circularity. MIRUM is the revolutionary material that can help humanity break it's dependence on nonrenewable fossil resources -- particularly petroleum-based plastics.

Why is humanity hooked on plastic?

This is the question we asked ourselves when we started Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. (NFW), We concluded, based on years of research, that abundant and diverse plants are the only sustainable resources that can scale to replace synthetic plastics at a global scale.


The NFW team is Unlocking Nature's PotentialTM

NFW is leveraging renewable resources and natural ‘waste’ materials to create a world where people surround themselves with high-performance materials sourced directly from plants, not fossil resources. Most importantly, NFW is not asking people to choose between cost, performance, aesthetics, or sustainability.


The MIRUM® Circular Economy

Patented MIRUM® is a revolutionary answer that the world has been looking for. The amazing diversity and abundance of plants - transformed into elegant, supple and highly tunable materials that are ready for the global stage.

  • Because MIRUM is made with all natural inputs, it is bio-neutral. 
  • Because MIRUM uses no plastics -- no PU, PVC or other synthetic binders -- it is not a pollutant like many other "pleather" (plastic-containing) leathers.
  • Because MIRUM can be recycled directly back into new MIRUM, cutting scraps, dead stocks, and worn out products can be made new again.

Mirum Circle Graphic-01