The future is
plants not plastic.®

MIRUM® is a categorically new, plant-based material that is perfect for footwear, fashion, automotive, accessories, and more.

Create with intention

MIRUM’s miraculous customizability means it can look like leather or carbon fiber — you decide. 

MIRUM is a high-performance solution for designers and brands looking to shrink their footprint and expand their creative palettes. At the end of its life, MIRUM® can be recycled into new MIRUM® or ground up and returned to the earth: At last, a climate-friendly, plastic-free option. 


"While there is a burgeoning ecosystem of startups making alternative leather . . . NFW so far is the only company that checked all the boxes."

"The newest and most exciting entrant to the field of plant-based leather is MIRUM."

"So far one company has shown the most potential for scaling..."


MIRUM® is recyclable, made from nutrients, and free from plastics.


Tailor MIRUM® down to the last detail to meet your aesthetic and performance needs.


Made with abundant plant matter and upcycled agricultural sidestreams, MIRUM® is designed to scale.


Take pride in your supply chain. MIRUM® is made with renewable inputs.

Design Freely.
Scale Cleanly.

Leading designers use our material to fabricate beautiful products as unique as their brands. Check out our latest debut: Pangaia’s Cross-Body Pouch made with MIRUM®.

Create sustainably without compromising on performance or artistry.

Ready to get started with MIRUM®? Request MIRUM® today.

9.1B tons

That's how much plastic humanity has produced since the 1950s. From single-use packaging to synthetic clothing, we've become dependent on petrochemical-based materials. 

It’s time to outgrow plastic.TM 

We're on a mission to replace the use of plastics like polyurethane and polyester with plants. 

MIRUM® is a categorically new material: one that uses responsibly-sourced renewable resources instead of animal hides or oil.

We believe in a world where choosing beauty and scale doesn't have to mean compromising on sustainability.

Comprehensive Circularity

MIRUM® is endlessly recyclable. Cutting scraps, dead stocks, and worn-out products can be fed into new MIRUM® production or safely put into soil. Because MIRUM® is bio-neutral and contains no plastics any products that are not recycled will add nutrients—not plastic pollution—to the earth's ecosystems.

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